So yesterday, Friday night, I wasn't sure what to do. Practically all of my friends are in relationships and/or have kids so they can almost never do anything.

So it was that I found myself alone as is becoming the norm on a Friday night, locked inside due to the Corona Virus Pandemic that has been plaguing humanity for almost a year now..

I decided to go on this website called "ChatRoulette" I had heard of it before but never used it.

The idea of the website is simple, you turn on your mic and webcam, then you randomly get paired with people anywhere in the world who also have their mic and cam active.

When you first enter the website, there are 2 options - UNFILTERED and FILTERED. I figured I'd try the unfiltered as usually rated R movies are better than PG or PG-13.

That is NOT the case with ChatRoulette loL I think I was on there for 1 minute and only saw dicks and advertisements for porn.

OK - so filtered it is. Over the course of a few hours, I actually got to meet and talk with a bunch of cool people! I had a wholesome conversation with a guy named "Jake" who was a plastic engineer and was passionate about arts, specifically Greek Tragedies, to which he recommended "oedipus rex". He also told me about the story " I have no mouth and I must scream" which is fascinating! I am listening to it right now, so this post is ending short.