I'm grateful for my family. Especially my parents who never give up on me no matter what.

My Mom - Ceridwen Dawson Garcia is absolutely incredible I don't know what I'd do without her. One of my best friends - We have a lot of the same tastes and I can always count her to try a new restaurant, snack, drink or lately yogurt with me :)

My Dad -  Igor Garcia he's the hardest worker I know, he's the most disciplined person I know, and the person with the strongest will power. I don't know how he does it, but he can literally kick any bad habit he wants and develop any skill or good habit he wants. My greatest example, hero and one of my best friends.

My favorite sister Tiffany Nieves - I swear you won't meet a sweeter girl. She's another great example in my life of someone with amazing discipline, one of my best friends and people who I can trsust with anything as well.

My brother Aaron Garcia - one of my best friends and people who I can trust with anything and know he won't judge me. We have a lot in common and I love our conversations and whenever he surprises me with lunch ;)

My brother David Garcia - the baby of the family, one of my best friends - so proud of him for serving a mission right now. He's grown up so much in the short time he's been out and is also an incredible example for me. I've NEVER seen him angry, he's a master of his emotions, extremely chill, and I can also trust him with anything without fear of judgement. I can't wait till he comes home so that we can start awesome companies and kick butt :D

I love that I can trust each member of my family with anything, knowing they will never judge me, they will only ever support me, and do everything and anything in their power to make me smile.