So today I called up my brother Aaron to see if he wanted to hang out and work on some ideas. He was totally down which made me happy! For some reason it seems difficult for me to find people are just "down" to talk about technology, the future, innovation, and how we can build businesses, products to help shape the future and create financial freedom for my family and friends.

So we don't really know where to start, what we want to do or how to do it once we do figure out. So we started just going over Digital Ocean - I freaking LOVE digital ocean, it's how this blog is hosted and how I host the majority of any project that involves the web.

I love to just go through the market place on Digital Ocean and look at all the available images that they have on there. It's a great way to learn about new technologies, to get inspired for new ideas and expedite any project you have.

For example I recently had the desire to start a blog, I know you can do it with Wordpress but for some reason whenever I would do it with Wordpress, I couldn't get the simple and clean experience that I was looking for.

So I went on Digital Ocean, went to the droplet marketplace, filtered by "Blogs" and found Ghost. I spun up ghost server and started playing around with it. I researched on YouTube and immediately fell in love with the platform.

Anyways I'm still not sure what to do with myself/my life. It's been a year since my divorce and although I started off to a good start, I completely fell off and have really been struggling emotionally. Corona hasn't helped since the gyms have been closed and that was a huge therapy for me.

I still have hope though. I still believe in myself, I just wish wasn't so alone. Being able to talk with my brother about ideas, entreprenurship and show him a little bit of how I spend my time learning, investigating and finding paths to go down was really helpful. Like I said earlier, its hard to find people who are interested in entrepreneurship, learning about new technologies, studying about ideas, and having deep meaningful discussions that are inspirational and have impact. Most people these days are soo addicted to video games and consuming media, which is whatever, it's understandable those products are engineered to get you addicted with dopamine manipulation, which I've definitely have been and still often am a victim of. There's nothing wrong with video games or consuming media, however I think it should be balanced and limited, which I don't really see with most people. So it's always refreshing when I can collaborate with someone and bounce ideas off them.

Thanks for reading this post. - Mo