Hello reader! My name is Maurice, however over the years my friends, co-workers and those close to me have come to call me "Mo".

I often introduce now as Mo as well, since people often have a difficult time pronouncing my name, so it's a lot easier to just stick with Mo – plus I really like it!

A little bit about myself I recently turned 30 this year, I am single, no kids, I live in the beautiful and amazing state of Utah and I love to read, learn, and experiment and try new things!

I grew up as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon). I served a 2 year service/ministering mission for the Church from  2009 to  2012 in the BEAUTIFUL country of Chile. My time in Chile is a treasured one, full of amazing memories, with incredibly special people, where I was able to build myself by forgetting myselfing, through service to others and inviting them to come to Christ.

I was able to learn the Spanish language and learned a TON about religion. As I said earlier, I love to read and learn so I think it's important to have an open mind and study all religions. Never accept things for absolute truth, just because somebody told you - part of the experience of life is confirming and learning for yourself.

I love technology and I feel that the future of humanity is coming to an end soon. The way that exponential technologies are coming together, the rate of change, politics, the spirit and level of consciousness that is premeating the planet there's no way that the next 50 years don't hold either the destruction of the human race or an evolution to something else BEYOND human.

Thanks for reading my first post and stay tuned for more theories, tech updates, opinions, and stories.

This is Mo and welcome to my World :)